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Asian Persuasion Art offers the artwork of Terri Harris, artist in the art forms of Sumí-e, oriental brush painting, and silk fusion techniques. Whether you are familiar with the style and technique of these art forms, or simply looking for inspirational works which convey a message of tranquility, the posters, prints and note cards displayed are sure to pique your interest. Our pieces can compliment your décor or make for thoughtful, caring gifts.

We are confident you will enjoy your visit to the Asian Persuasion Art gallery. Please contact us with any questions about our pieces or if you would like to commission an original piece of art.

What is Sumí-e?

Sumí-e is a Japanese word for "black ink” (sumí), and “painting" (e). What is called sumí-e is the oriental art form of pictures created in black ink. More than a technique; it is an art form that strives to "distill the essence of an object in the fewest possible strokes." In creating a sumí-e brush painting, the artist must grasp the spirit of the subject. Balance, rhythm, simplicity, and harmony are the qualities the artist strives for by developing patience, self-discipline and concentration. The goal of the artist is to use the brush with both energy and restraint. Simplicity is the most outstanding characteristic of sumí-e. Working in one “color,” (the Asian ‘rainbow’ of seven shades), this centuries-old traditional art form presents a unique expression of the everyday world felt within the artist.

Does Oriental Brush Painting differ from Sumí-e?

Philosophy and symbolism play a large role in oriental art. Both these centuries-old art forms of sumí-e and oriental brush painting blend simplicity and traditional oriental spirit in a technique where an object is more than represented; it is a symbolic expression. It is both a contemplative and complex approach of brushstrokes painted without previous planning or sketching resulting in a painting appearing simplistic. This is an important element in brush painting. With color introduced to these creations, a sense of perspective is intimated through varying degrees of ink and color.

November 16-18, 2013
Epiphany's Holly & Ivy Boutique
2222 South Price Road
Tempe 85282

February 25-25, 2014
Matsuri 30th Annual
Festival of Japan
Heritage and Science Park
115 North 6th St.
Phoenix 85004

Fine Art of America
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